Guidelines for entering new recipes

The recipes on offer added value to all visitors and should therefore be entered according to certain specifications to improve readability. Please note the following points so that your recipe can be published on the website.

Note: Recipes that violate these points will be deleted without comment!
  1. Recipe names and content must be
    created with correct spelling
    This includes correct capitalization Input that is created exclusively in upper or lower case letters is not allowed (except for abbreviations)

  2. Recipe details must be correct
    The ingredients and other recipe details must be correct. Dummy entries, which are created to place individual texts on the cocktail menu, are not allowed. Use the "additional text" option in the cocktail menu settings.

  3. Recipes must be
    mixed drinks
    The specification of a single spirit or ingredient is not allowed. Dummy entries, which are created to put single texts on the cocktail card, are not allowed. Use the specification of an "additional text" under the cocktail card settings.

  4. Double entries should be avoided
    If a recipe with identical ingredients already exists in the database, then this recipe should be used for the cocktail card. If some entries differ from the existing recipe, then it can be linked to it. In doing so, the ingredients are taken over and further independent entries like name, preparation or garnish are still possible.

  5. Entries must not be protected by copyright
    Entered recipes will be published on the pages, therefore they should not be protected by any copyrights or, if copyrights exist, the publication and distribution of the content should be allowed. Respect the right of the originators!

If something should be unclear when entering new recipes or questions arise, you are welcome to contact us.