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"New Yorker"Medium cocktail
37 - ThirtysevenWith creme de cacao
43 aù laitLicor 43 + milk
43 CaipiCaipirinha with Licor 43
43 Ed from SchleckIce cream?
43 SourSour with Licor 43
43 Sour SummerDrink with Licor 43
43 Sunsetfruity drink with Licor 43
43er SpecialCocktail with Licor 43
43rd SourSour with "Cuarenta y Tres"
911 Targarefreshing and fruity drink


A 72Extremely refreshing
A Day at the Beachfruity-sweet
A Kick in the CrotchShooter with vodka
A Night at the Gutiswith peach and coconut liqueur
A Piece of AssCocktail with Amaretto and Southern Comfort
A Wonderleaf a DayDrink with Siegfried Wonderleaf
Abacaxi CaipirinhaCaipirinha with pineapple
Abaccowith Licor 43
Abbey CocktailClassic gin cocktail
Abendsonnesweet and creamy
ABI cooler - 2000refreshing
Absinthe alligatorWith absinthe
Absinthe Blue IceAbsinthe drink with Blue Curaçao
Absinthe CocktailCocktail with absinthe
Absinthe FrappéDrink with absinthe
Absolut Apeach SurrenderDrink with Absolut Apeach
Absolut HammerWith kiwi liqueur
Absolute SummertimeCitric, with vodka Citron
Absolutely FreeWith grapefruit juice
Açaí Ice Tea 28With 28 Black Acai
Acai-SmoothieWith acai juice
Acapulco Dreamsour, tart
Acapulco on the rocksfruity
Adam and EveFruity and sparkling
Adams DelightFruity mango drink
Adios Motherfuckerwith lemonade
Adoniswith Sherry Fino
Adria LookTaste: tart
AffinityCocktail with vermouth and whiskey
African breezeAmarula drink
African Dreamwith Amarula, slightly creamy
African Queenmild, creamy drink
African Queen #2With white wine
African Vanilla Cocktailwith Amarula
After 18 HourAperol drink
After DinnerCocktail
After eightwith mint syrup
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