Occasions and matching cocktails

There are various occasions to enjoy cocktails. To find always the right cocktail for the right time, here the main occasions:

  • Strawberry time. (12 recipes)
    Cocktails with strawberries. Cocktail recipes with strawberries.
  • Lemonades (8 recipes)
    Fruity lemonades. Fruity lemonades for refreshment in between.
  • Smoothies. (8 recipes)
    Fruity smoothiereadies. Delicious smoothies from our own juice bar.
  • Fruity. (9 recipes)
    Fruity cocktails. In these drinks you taste the power of fruit.
  • Tequila. (12 recipes)
    Drinks with Tequila. The most popular and delicious drinks with tequila.
  • It's spring. (8 recipes)
    Flowering drinks. Take advantage of the warming rays of the sun and enjoy a drink outside: it's spring.
  • Tea cocktails. Whether warming in winter or thirst-quenching in summer, tea is a great alternative to fruit juice in cocktails.
  • Sparkling cocktails. The best champagne and sparkling wine cocktails to enjoy.
  • Over both straws? (8 recipes)
    Cocktails to pamper you. Treat your darling to a delicious cocktail on Valentine's Day.
  • Frosty. (11 recipes)
    Frosty cocktails. Before everything freezes: mix yourself an icy cocktail!