Occasions and matching cocktails

There are various occasions to enjoy cocktails. To find always the right cocktail for the right time, here the main occasions:

  • Over both straws? (8 recipes)
    Cocktails to pamper you. Treat your darling to a delicious cocktail on Valentine's Day.
  • Frosty. (11 recipes)
    Frosty cocktails. Before everything freezes: mix yourself an icy cocktail!
  • Some hot drinks. (9 recipes)
    Warming recipes. Warming drinks for cold winter days. To get some hot shoes.
  • Stylish cocktails. Saying goodbye to the old year or welcoming the new in a festive way: these are the appropriate cocktails to go with it.
  • Merry Christmas. (11 recipes)
    Christmas recipes. Refine the Christmas season with spicy and warming cocktails.
  • Creamy. (12 recipes)
    Creamy Cocktails. Whether with or without alcohol, whether classic or fancy - some cream or a creamy liqueur refines many cocktails.
  • Happy Halloween. (9 recipes)
    Creepy drinks. This night is for haunting. The right time for spooky Halloween cocktails.
  • Autumnal Cocktails. Let the golden, autumnal colours of autumn into the cocktail glasses.
  • Berry. (9 recipes)
    Berry cocktail recipes. Whether raspberries, blueberries or blackberries: now is the right time for the fruitiest cocktails with all kinds of berries.
  • Recipes with tonic water. When the sun makes you sweat, it's time to cool down. Something refreshing with tonic water?