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43 CaipiCaipirinha with Licor 43


Abacaxi CaipirinhaCaipirinha with pineapple


Blackberry CaipirinhaCaipirinha with Blackberries
Blackberry MojitoMojito with Blackberries
Blueberry Caipirinha Drink with De Kuyper Blueberry
Blueberry Mojito Mojito with blueberries
Bombay Crushed Bombay Sapphire


Caipi 43With Licor 43
Caipi Bluewith Blue Curaçao
Caipi Cool BlueCaipirinha with Blue Curaçao
CaipibullCaipi refined with Red Bull
CaipifragolaWith strawberries
CaipimaraCaipi with passion fruit juice
CaipirãoWith Licor Beirão
Caipirinha Classic
Caipirinha #2Classic (with a little Lime Juice)
Caipirinha in RedCaipirinha with strawberry puree
Caipirinha Limãowith pineapple juice
Caipirinha passion fruitCaipirinha with passion fruit syrup and tonic water
CaipirissimaCaipirinha with rum
Caipirissima, brownCaipi with brown rum
Caipirissima, whiteCaipi with white rum
CaipirolCaipi with Aperol
Caipiroschka WhiteCaipirinha with vodka
CaipirovkaCaipi with vodka
Caipirovka #2Variant with a little Lime Juice
CointreaucaipirinhaCaipi with Cointreau
CojitoMojito with coconut liqueur


Fresh Aperolwith aperol and soda


Gingerinhawith cachaça and ginger ale
Green Caipiwith cucumber and Blue Curaçao


Heidelbeerg Caipirinha With blueberry vodka
Himbeer CaipirinhaCaiprinha with raspberries


MatcharinhaMatcha drink with lime
MezcalinhaCaipirinha with mezcal


Passion fruit mojitoMojito with passion fruit
PiturinhaWith Pitú


Southern Caipirinhavery fruity!
Spanish Caipiwith Licor 43
Strawberry Caipirinha Caipi with strawberries
Strawberry CaipiroschkaStrawberry caipi with vodka


Watermelon MojitoWith watermelon
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