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Amaretto Sour Sour with amaretto ...
Amaretto Sour #2with amaretto
Amaro SourMit Kräuterlikör
Aperol GrapefruitFruity-tart
Aperol SourSour with Aperol
Aperol SpritzSee also Aperol Sprizz
Apricot Apple Collinswith apricot brandy and calvados
Apricot FizzVery refreshing
Apricot Sourwith apricot brandy


Baristo SourDrink with Licor 43 Baristo
Blackberry Bourbon SmashDrink with bourbon whiskey
Blue Eyes #2Gin drink
Blue Ladyrefreshing
Blue Volgarefreshing
Blueberry Gin FizzGin Fizz with blueberry syrup
Bourbon SmashDrink mit Bourbon
Bramble #2Cocktail with créme de mûre
Brandy DaisyFizz with brandy


Campari SourMit Gin und Campari
Canadian Sour(Whiskey Sour)
Captain CollinsCollins with Canadian Whiskey
Chartreuse SmashMit Minze und Chartreuse
Cherry FizzFizz with cherry liqueur
Collinswith Grand Marnier
Comfort Sourvery tasty :-)
Continental SourMit Whiskey und Portwein
Corn 'n' OilDrink aus Barbados
Cucumber CollinsMit Gin und Zitronensaft


Fireman's SourCocktail with rum
Frangelico SourSour with Frangelico
FrogmanWith peppermint syrup


Gin Daisyrefreshing
Gin Fizzrefreshing
Gin RickeyRickey mit Gin
Gin SourClassic
Gin SwizzleDrink with gin
Gold RushDrink mit Honig
Golden FizzFizz with egg yolk
Grand Marnier Sourwith Grand Marnier
Green Fizzwith creme de menthe
Green sinFruity and sparkling
Gurken MargaritaDrink mit Gurke


Hibiskus SourGin-Drink mit Hibiskus
Hibiskus Sour #2Pisco-Drink mit Hibiskus


John CollinsCollins with bourbon whiskey


Krupnik SourSour with honey liqueur


Lavendel-Gin-CocktailMit Lavendelsirup
Lavender GimletMit Lavendelsirup
Lavender Gin FizzFizz with lavender
Le Manswith Cointreau
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