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"New Yorker"Medium cocktail
43 SourSour with Licor 43
43 Sour SummerDrink with Licor 43
43er SpecialCocktail with Licor 43
43rd SourSour with "Cuarenta y Tres"


A Piece of AssCocktail with Amaretto and Southern Comfort
Abbey CocktailClassic gin cocktail
Absinthe CocktailCocktail with absinthe
Absinthe FrappéDrink with absinthe
Absolut Apeach SurrenderDrink with Absolut Apeach
Absolute SummertimeCitric, with vodka Citron
Acapulco Dreamsour, tart
Adams DelightFruity mango drink
Adios Motherfuckerwith lemonade
AffinityCocktail with vermouth and whiskey
African breezeAmarula drink
After DinnerCocktail
After Eight #2with peppermint and chocolate syrup
After Eight #4Cocktail with peppermint liqueur
Alabama Slammerwith Amaretto and Southern Comfort
Alabama Slammer #4With Southern Comfort
AlexanderAromatic ...
Alexander's Sistercreamy drink with creme de cacao
Alligatorwith melon liqueur
Amaretto StingerWith peppermint liqueur
Amarula PassionDrink with Amarula and vanilla syrup
Amarula Peachcreamy-sweet
AmérougeRefreshing-bitter, with Campari
Ananas MargaritaMargarita with pineapple
Angelicwith Galliano and Southern C.
Angel`s FaceMedium cocktail
Antiqua Creamsweet - creamy - yellow
Aperol SpritzProsecco with Aperol and soda
Aphrodite's Kissfruity drink
Apotheke helps guaranteed!
Apple BlossomCocktail with apple schnapps
Apple Martini #5WITH Galliano and melon liqueur
Applejack RabbitCalvados drink
Appletini #2Variant with melon liqueur
Atomic bombStunning
Averna SilverCocktail with sage
Aviation with maraschino and gin


B 52 #3with Grand Marnier
B.V.D.Bacardi, Vermouth, Dry Gin
Bacardi Cocktailwith Bacardi Carta Blanco
Bacardi SpecialRum-Cocktail
Bachelors BaitGin cocktail
Backyard Fig MargaritaMargarita with fig syrup
Bahama Baysimple but good!
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