All recipes: Sparkling Wine Cocktails


Adria LookTaste: tart
Air MailSparkling wine cocktail with honey
American Glory classic champagne cocktail
American Glory #2Easier variant
Aperol OrangeSparkling wine cocktail with Aperol
Azzurro Baciosweet and sour, refreshingly sparkling


BallsTart champagne cocktail
Bellinisimple champagne cocktail
Beverly HillsSparkling wine cocktail with gin
Big Bull ShotWith lemon sorbet
Black VelvetWith Guiness
Blood Orange Gin CocktailCocktail with blood orange
Blood Orange MimosaWith blood oranges
Blue Angelwith Blue Curaçao
Blue BeachSparkling wine cocktail with Blue Curaçao
Blue Champagnewith Blue Curaçao
Blue WaterSparkling wine cocktail with Blue Curaçao


Campari spritzProsecco with Campari and soda
Champagne Cocktail ClassicClassic!
Champagne Cocktail Modernwith Grand Marnier


D.B.U.or also DBU


Elder Fashion RoyaleWith elderflower liqueur
Energy³With energy drink


Fantastic Sunrisewith passion fruit strawberry syrup
Fatissimofruity, sparkling
Fligh High³Sparkling wine cocktail with Blue Curaçao
FlirtiniWith vodka and cranberry juice
Flower waterWith orange juice and sparkling wine
FragolinoSparkling wine cocktail with strawberries
French 75really strong, very elegant
French 76Wodka-Drink
French 95With bourbon
French SpritzWith St. Germain elderflower liqueur
From Sarah with Lovewith cherry liqueur and prosecco
Frozen Aperol SpritzFrozen variant


Gin ChampagneSparkling wine cocktail with gin and blue curaçao
Grüne Wiesewith Blue Curaçao


HugoSparkling wine with elderflower and mint


I.B.U. Champagne CocktailCocktail with cognac
Ice cold flirtsparkling drink with amaretto


Kir Royalwith creme de cassis
Kwai FehSparkling wine cocktail with lychee liqueur


Limoncello spritzSparkling drink with limocello
Lisa's kombuchaSparkling wine cocktail with kombucha


Mango CavaSparkling wine cocktail
Maseratisour bitter sparkling wine cocktail
Match Spring PunchCocktail with raspberry liqueur
Mezzanottewith prosecco
Millionaire's MuleChampagne cocktail with gin and ginger
Mimosawith Grand Marnier
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