Grenadine (or grenadine syrup, when using real pomegranate juice also pomegranate syrup) is a non-alcoholic, sugar-sweetened fruit syrup with an intense red color. The syrup is mainly used to flavor and color cocktails, a well-known example being Tequila Sunrise.

Originally, grenadine was made from the juice of pomegranates, sugar and water, from which the name is derived. Today, very different products are offered under the name grenadine, which differ greatly in taste and quality. The only thing they have in common is a high sugar content, the red color and a fruity aroma in the broadest sense. In addition to or instead of the pomegranate juice, a mixture of different berry fruits such as raspberry, currant, blackberry and elderberry, as well as flavors and dyes are used.


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Recipes with Grenadine



Scrubs original

with melon liqueur

strong but delicious!

classic champagne cocktail


Gin cocktail

Cocktail with Chambord

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