Oregano is an aromatic herbaceous plant whose leaves are used as a spice in the kitchen. The scientific name for oregano is Origanum vulgare. It belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is related to mint.

The leaves of oregano are small, oval, and green, with an intense, spicy flavor. Oregano is used in many kitchens worldwide, especially in Mediterranean cuisine, and is a characteristic spice in dishes such as pizza, pasta, tomato sauces, salads, stews, and many other Mediterranean dishes.

Oregano can be used either fresh or dried. Dried oregano is available in many spice racks, but fresh oregano often has a more pronounced aroma. The essential oils in oregano not only give it its characteristic flavor but are also believed to have antimicrobial properties.

It's important to note that there are different types of oregano, and the taste can vary depending on the specific variety. The most commonly used oregano in the kitchen is known as "Common Oregano" or "Wild Marjoram" (Origanum vulgare).

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