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Smoothies is an American term for cold mixed drinks made from fruit and dairy products, which are freshly prepared or sold as finished products. Unlike fruit juices, smoothies are made from the whole fruit, sometimes even the peel. The basis of smoothies is therefore the fruit pulp or fruit puree, which is mixed with juices, water, milk, dairy products or coconut milk, depending on the recipe, to achieve a creamy and smooth consistency.

Smoothies come in many different varieties. some smoothies consist only of fruit, i.e. fruit pulp and direct juices. the banana is often a basic ingredient. the so-called "green smoothies" consist of water, leafy vegetables or garden or wild herbs and ripe fruit. there are also smoothies with yoghurt, milk, ice cream, coconut milk or food supplements such as proteins, minerals or vitamins, which are particularly popular in the USA.

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