Recipe Columbia a' la Ricardo

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4 cl Vodka
2 cl Blue Curaçao
2 cl Strawberry Syrup
2 cl Lime Juice (fresh)
15 cl Orange Juice
Recipe for serving(s)


small fruit skewer


Long drink glass

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  • 8.1 Vol.-%Alcohol content
  • Preparation 3 min
  • Total time 3 min
  • Difficulty
  • Category Long drinks


  1. Put a little crushed ice and the other ingredients except the Blue Curacao and the strawberry syrup in a shaker. Shake this vigorously and pour the cpl. contents into a highball glass. Then add the strawberry syrup very carefully. We
  2. Dies schütteln wir kräftig durch und gießen den kpl. Inhalt in ein Longdrinkglas.
  3. Danach gibt man ganz vorsichtig den Erdbeersirup und Blue Curaçao hinzu.

Taste (beta)

slightly sweet, fruity

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