2 cl Bitters, Campari
2 cl White Wine (dry)
Recipe for serving(s)


Cocktail bowl

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  • Alcohol content 18.5 Vol.-%
  • Preparation 2 min
  • Total time 2 min
  • Difficulty
  • Category Aperitifs


  1. Pour Campari and well chilled white wine into a cocktail bowl.
  2. Stir lightly with a stirrer and serve immediately.

A White Campari is a cocktail that contains Campari, an Italian bitter liqueur, and white vermouth as main ingredients. Other ingredients may include citrus fruits, water, or soda. This cocktail is often served as an aperitif or a refreshing drink on warm days. It is a variation of the classic Campari cocktail, which is made by mixing Campari with red vermouth.

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