Recipe Adams Delight

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4 cl Mango Syrup
4 cl Lemon Juice
1 BS Sugar (white)
1 MSp. Vanilla
1 Lime
1 Mango
Recipe for serving(s)


Slice of lime


Long drink glass

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  • Alcohol content 0 Vol.-%
  • Preparation 5 min
  • Total time 5 min
  • Difficulty
  • Category Cocktails


  1. Puree the pulp of the mango.
  2. Half fill the bottom of the shaker with crushed ice.
  3. Add mango syrup, lemon juice, sugar and vanilla and grated lime zest and mix well.
  4. Pour mango puree into cocktail glass and strain mixture into glass.
  5. Add a few ice cubes.

Taste (beta)

extreme sweet, extreme sour

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