Recipe Electric Lemonade

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2 cl Vodka
2 cl Rum (white)
1 cl Gin
2.5 cl Tequila (silver)
3 cl Curaçao Triple Sec
4 cl Lemon Squash
20 cl Lemonade, Sprite
1 cl Blue Curaçao
Recipe for serving(s)

Slice of lemon on the rim or in the drink

Hurricane Glass

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  • 11.7 Vol.-%Alcohol content
  • Preparation 3 min
  • Category Long drinks
  1. Shake the alcoholic beverages and Lemon Squash and pour into a glass with 50% ice cubes and 50% crushed ice (for effect), top up with Sprite and finally pour a splash of Blue Curacao over the ice.
  2. Mit Sprite auffüllen und zuletzt einen Spritzer Blue Curacao über das Eis gießen.

Acidic, Light, Sweet, Disadvantage: you can not taste the alcohol so strongly although the drink itself is quite alcohol-heavy.

If you taste the alcohol too much: more acid, if you taste too little: less.

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