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Rabid Dog (Wsciekly Pies) extra hot
Racingrefreshing drink
Racing NikFruity and a little bitter
Ramazzotti - MilkshakeMilkshake with Ramazzotti
Ramazzotti Red Sunsweet/tart
Ramazzotti SourSour with Ramazzotti
Ramos Gin FizzGin fizz with egg white
Raspberri Sunrisewith vodka (raspberry flavor)
Raspberry Banana SmoothieSmoothie with raspberries and banana
Raspberry Cooler With apple juice
Raspberry Gin TonicGin and tonic with raspberry
Raspberry kefircreamy fresh
Raspberry milkshakeMilk shake with raspberries
Raspberry MojitoFruity mojito with raspberry
Raspberry Peach SmoothieSmoothie with raspberries and peach
Raspberry Thyme SmashGin drink with raspberries
Raspberry Yogurt SmoothieWith yogurt
Red and WhiteHot drink with cherry liqueur
Red Angelwith peach syrup
Red Applerefreshing
Red bananatropical...
Red Christmas CocktailMit Cranberrysaft
Red cloudwith cherry juice
Red Daisysee also "Brandy Daisy
Red DogDrink with Ginger Ale
Red FantaDrink with Fanta
Red FlashDriver Drink
Red Freshnon-alcoholic, slightly tart
Red Greterefreshing, fruity
Red Headed ShotWith J├Ągermeister
Red HotShooter with gold hit
Red Kiss Sparkling wine cocktail with strawberry liqueur
Red Kiss #2with cherry liqueur
Red Lionthe Grand Marnier drink par excellence
Red LotusDrink with lychee liqueur
Red MambaLong drink with Pushkin Red
Red MoonFancy drink with Malibu
Red n RedCampari strawberry
Red Onefruity, not too sweet
Red Orange SparklingSparkling wine cocktail with Red Orange
Red Powernon-alcoholic, with Red Bull
Red PussycatDrink with grapefruit juice
Red Riskfruity
Red Sliprefreshing
Red Slip #2Very refreshing
Red StopDriverDrink - refreshing
Red tequilaTequila drink
Red TropicanaExtremely fruity
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