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Fancy CampariAperitif with Campari
FantasiaWhiskey cocktail, fruity
Fantastic Sunrisewith passion fruit strawberry syrup
Fantasy IslandPrickelnd, mit Tonic
Fatissimofruity, sparkling
FernandoWith Fernet Branca
Fernandos SunWith chocolate syrup
Festinifruity, creamy
Feuerzangenbowlethe drink for the cold season
FiestaDrink with vodka and peach liqueur
Fifth AvenueDrink with creme de cacao
Fig FlowerDrink with fig syrup
Final Whistlesweet and interesting
Finnish Virginwith vodka and blue curaçao
Fire BombShooter with Tabasco
Fire on Icefruity
FireballWith Bols Red Orange
Fireman's SourCocktail with rum
Fishing for FruitWith tequila and vodka
Fitz Specialcreamy sweet
FlamingoGrand Marnier, currant nectar
Flamingo #2Gin and apricot brandy
FlashFruity, with ginger ale
Fligh High³Sparkling wine cocktail with Blue Curaçao
FlirtiniWith vodka and cranberry juice
Florida #2Äußerst fruchtig
Florida Classicfruity, sweet-sour
Florida Comfortfruity, with Southern Comfort
Florida MilkLess sweet
Florida Slingwith Cherry Brandy
Flower waterWith orange juice and sparkling wine
Flower water alcohol freeWith orange juice and sparkling wine
Fluffy CoconutDrink with Malibu
Flying Hirschwith Jägermeister
Flying KangarooDrink with Galliano and cream
Formula OneFruity drink with pineapple and coconut
Foursome SpecialWith tequila
FragolinoSparkling wine cocktail with strawberries
Francesca CrustaWodka-Drink
Frangelico SourSour with Frangelico
Frangelico Sour #2With hazelnut liqueur
Free Fritschrefreshing
Fréjuswith Pastis and Blue Curaçao
French 75really strong, very elegant
French 76Wodka-Drink
French 95With bourbon
French ColadaColada with cognac
French ConnectionAmaretto and cognac
French MartiniVodka drink with Chambord
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