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HadronWith Passoã
Hairy Tonguecreamy-sweet
HannibalDrink with Licor 43
Happy FinLong drink with peach liqueur
Happy RabbitDrink with lychee liqueur
Happy StrawberrySimple and mega delicious
Harvardwith Vermouth Rosso
Harvey Wallbangerwith Galliano
Havana HighballWith rum and ginger ale
Havana MoonWith Campari and grapefruit juice
Hazelnut ColadaWith hazelnut liqueur
Head Shocknot for the faint hearted!
Heidelbeerg Caipirinha With blueberry vodka
Heidelberg Castle Drink with blueberry vodka
HEIDIWith sparkling wine and pineapple juice
Hemingway Special
Highland Margaritawith Drambuie
Highway No. 1DriverDrink - with tonic
Highway PatrolWith guava syrup
Himbeer CaipirinhaCaiprinha mit Himbeeren
Hina Vesperwith Hibiscus Rose Bitters
HolidayDrink with tequila
Holiday DreamFruity-sweet
Honey grogGrog with honey
Honeymoon Sunrise 43Extremely fruity
Honeysuckle CocktailMit Rum und Honig
Honolulu Juicerwith Southern Comfort
Hopes PresidentWith Vermouth Dry
Horse’s Neck With rosemary
Horse’s Neck #2Cocktail with cognac
Hot caipirinhaCaipirinha in hot
Hot Chilli SunshineFruity and spicy drink
Hot Goldhot drink with cinnamon sticks
Hot grannyHot milk with eggnog
Hot Legswith rum and Blue Curaçao
Hot ToddyTea cocktail with rum
Hot Toddy #2With whiskey
Hpnotiq Fuzzy Martiniwith passion fruit liqueur
HugoSparkling wine with elderflower and mint
Hugo 28Non-alcoholic, with ginger ale
Hula HulaCocktail with gin
Hurricanea little stronger and not so sweet
Hurricane #2fruity-strong
Hurricane #3With rum - brown and white

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