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La BayaDrink with Licor 43
La Vida Locatropical
Ladies DreamFruity-sweet
Lady Killerfruity, not too sweet
Lady SunshineWith Southern Comfort
Lady's Favouritesweet, creamy note, delicious!
Landslitewith creme de banana and Amarula
LarkCocktail with whiskey and orange liqueur
Las VegasDrink with blue curacao
Last WordGin cocktail
Late Night freewith amaretto syrup
Latin LoverDrink with cachaça and tequila
Lavendel-Gin-CocktailWith lavender syrup
Lavender GimletWith lavender syrup
Lavender Gin FizzFizz with lavender
Lavender MargaritaWith lavender syrup
Le Manswith Cointreau
LEACocktail with Licor 43
Leap YearWith gin and Vermouth Rosso
Lemon Celery BoostDrink with celery
Lemon CoolerWith bitter lemon
Lemon Curd MartiniWith lemon curd
Lemon DropDrink with vodka
Lemon Drop MartiniVodka, Cointreau, lemon juice
Lemon Lime SodaWith lemon juice
Lemon Tearefreshing, non-alcoholic
Lemony SnicketCocktail with limoncello
Licor con leche Licor 43 with milk
Lillet BuckDrink with Lillet Blanc
Lillet CrodinoAperitif with Lillet Rosé
Lillet ViveSummer drink with Lillet
Lillet Wild Berry Fruity, with Russian Wild Berry
Limbo Beatnon-alcoholic, with banana syrup
Lime Coladarefreshing drink
Lime CoolerBitter sweet with bitter lemon
Lime Matcha CocktailWith matcha powder
Lime n lemon HourDrink with eggnog
Limoncello MartiniWith limoncello
Limoncello ReviverWith Empress 1908 Gin
Limoncello spritzSparkling drink with limocello
LimuleTequila drink
Lingomaarwith Licor 43
Lion's TailWhiskey cocktail
Lips on the Beachcreamy, non-alcoholic
Liquid Cocainewith Southern C. and Amaretto
Liquid GhostCreamy sweet
Lisa's kombuchaSparkling wine cocktail with kombucha
Little Bandit with caramel syrup
Little DevilCocktail with gin
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