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Cacao Flipcreamy-sweet
Cachaça Tonic simple long drink
Caipi 43With Licor 43
Caipi Bluewith Blue Curaçao
Caipi Cool BlueCaipirinha with Blue Curaçao
Caipi punchPunch with cachaça and limes
Caipi Tropicnon-alcoholic caipi
CaipibullCaipi refined with Red Bull
CaipifragolaWith strawberries
CaipimaraCaipi with passion fruit juice
Caipirinha Classic
Caipirinha #2Classic (with a little Lime Juice)
Caipirinha 0%Caipirinha punch without alcohol
Caipirinha DriveNon-alcoholic, with ginger ale
Caipirinha in RedCaipirinha with strawberry puree
Caipirinha Limãowith pineapple juice
Caipirinha non-alcoholicVariant with mineral water
Caipirinha non-alcoholic #2Variant with passion fruit juice and ginger ale
Caipirinha nonalcoholic #3Variant with lemonade
Caipirinha passion fruitCaipirinha with passion fruit syrup and tonic water
Caipirinha punchthe classic as punch
CaipirissimaCaipirinha with rum
Caipirissima, brownCaipi with brown rum
Caipirissima, whiteCaipi with white rum
CaipirolCaipi with Aperol
Caipiroschka WhiteCaipirinha with vodka
CaipirovkaCaipi with vodka
Caipirovka #2Variant with a little Lime Juice
Cairo Cocktail
Cairo Cocktail #2with Blue Curaçao
Cal ExCocktail with Creme de Bananes
Californiafruity, sweet
California Cocainewith Southern Comfort
California PoolFruity and creamy
Campari CaribicCocktail with Campari and cream
Campari CocktailAperitif
Campari Crushedtart, with grapefruit juice
Campari Flipwith Campari Gin
Campari Orangesimple long drink
Campari Red Bullsimple long drink
Campari sodaCampari and soda
Campari spritzProsecco with Campari and soda
Campari VodkaAperitif
Campari, Sherry & TonicAperitif with Campari
Camuraisparkling drink with coconut
Canadian Sour(Whiskey Sour)
CanchancharaDrink with rum and honey
Cape Cod Cranberry juice and vodka
Captain Chaosfruity-strong drink
Captain Colawith Captain Morgan

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