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Tabula Rasafruity, creamy
Take FiveFruity, with gin
TamagotchiVodka fizz with grenadine
Tame zombieZombie with less alcohol
Tango NotturnoMilkshake
Tea Cocktail HeringsdorfTea cocktail with Galliano and Calvados
Tequila Crudathe classic
Tequila Feverfruity
Tequila FizzRefreshing drink with tequila
Tequila Passion Fruitsimple long drink
Tequila Pinkrefreshing
Tequila Rainbowfruity
Tequila RanchTequila-Drink
Tequila silverShot
Tequila Sunrise Classic
Tequila Sunrise #2with tequila gold
Tequila Sunrise non-alcoholicAlcohol free variant
Thai Fruit CocktailVery fruity
The BairnWith whiskey and blue curaçao
The Bairn #2With whiskey and Campari
The BeastSouthern Comfort Cocktail
The BossWith bourbon and amaretto
The Green AlmondDrink with amaretto
The Jungle Bar CocktailCocktail with Galliano
The Old Stone Bridge Drink with blueberry vodka
The Sir Ladywith Tamarind Cacao Bitters
The SpyWhiskey cocktail
The Waikikisimple long drink
The WinnerWith grape juice
Three Dots and a DashRum-Drink
Three Legged MuleMoscow Mule with Irish Whiskey
ThunderclapWhiskey cocktail
Ti PunchMit Rhum Agricole
Tiki ShotMit Fireball Likör
TiramisuShot with Baileys
Toffee de PalmaFruity creamy cocktail with caramel
Tom CollinsCollins with gin
Tomato MilkMilk shake with tomato juice
Tonights the Nightwith passion fruit syrup
Touch Downrefreshing, not so sweet
Touch Down #2Variant with lemon juice
Touch Down #3fruity
Touch Down HorsemanMit Wodka und Weinbrand
Touch of PinkDrink with vodka and rum
Traditional Irish FlagShot with Drambuie
Tropic Camparifruity sparkling
Tropic Feverfruity
Tropic Startropical...
Tropic Tonicfruity sparkling

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