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Pacific SunriseCocktail with blue curaçao
PacificoDrink with passion fruit juice
Pama Cosmopolitanwith PAMA pomegranate liqueur
Pama MargaritaMargarita with pomegranate liqueur
Pama MartiniDrink with PAMA pomegranate liqueur
PandoraWith Bacardi Razz
ParadiseMedium cocktail
Paradise Islandsweet - dark red
Paradisorefreshing, fruity
Parfait Amour CocktailCocktail with Parfait Amour
Passion fruit mojitoMojito with passion fruit
Passion Librefruity-acidic
Passoãwith passoã
Passoã BeerBeer drink
Passoã Brasilwith passoã
Passoa CaribbeanLong drink with Passoa
Passoã Freshwith passoã
Passoã GingerPassoã Drink
Passoã la vacanciawith passoã
Passoa LadyLong drink with Passoa
Passoa Moorawith Passoa and Cointreau
Passoã Orangewith passoã
Passoãciduléwith passoã
PassoatomicPassoa & Vodka
Pauls Summer SnowFruity
Peach BallLight cocktail with peach liqueur
Peach Coladacreamy, fruity
Peach ComfortCocktail with peaches
Peach CoolerVery refreshing
Peach DaiquiriVery refreshing
Peach DreamAlcohol-free
Peach Melba Drinkfruity-creamy
Peach MojitoMojito with peach pulp
Peach RoyalSparkling wine cocktail with peach liqueur
Peach SlingWith peach liqueur
Peach Tea CupDrink with iced tea
Peach yogurt shakelight and tasty
Pear Martini Cocktail with St. Germain
Pearl 43Simple and delicious
Pears Gin CocktailWith St. Germain and gin
Pendennis CocktailWith Gin and Apricot Brandy
Perfect CocktailDry Cocktail
PernodPernod soda
PerroquetThe green parrot
Philosophers Walk Drink with blueberry vodka
Pierre CollinsCollins with cognac
Piggytiniwith Peppercorn Bacon Bitters
Pimm`s No. 1 CupPimm`s with ginger ale
Piña Colada creamy...

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