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Naked and FamousMezcal drink
Naked LadyWith vermouth and apricot brandy
Navy GrogRum drink
Neckar waterFruity-bitter
NecromancerAbsinthe drink
NegroniClassic with Campari
Negroni SbagliatoBar Basso (Milan)
Neon Blue BallsShooter with vodka citron
New WaveDrink with Galliano
New York SourCocktail with bourbon and red wine
New York Sour #2With whiskey and red wine
Nice Guyrefreshing, fruity
NicoladaNon-alcoholic, fruity
Night DreamWith mango, cherry and peach
Night in Bluewith Blue Curacao + Malibu
NikolaschkaShot with coffee and sugar
Nimbu SodaWith lime juice and soda
No Namewith Licor 43
Non-swimmer (alcohol free)Non-alcoholic
Nordic SummerFruity, with passion fruit syrup
Northern Peachwith vanilla ice cream
Nuts & Nougat Dreamwith Pushkin Nuts & Nougat
Nutty ColadaWith amaretto and coconut milk
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