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Jack FrostFrozen Drink
Jack RoseMedium cocktail with calvados
Jacky Cola spicedwith orange liqueur
JaffaCocktail with Kahlua
Jager Orangesimple long drink
Jägermeister Fantasimple long drink
Jägermeister Red Bullsimple long drink
Jalapeño MargaritaSpicy Margarita
Jamaica ColaUnusual combination with cola
Jamaica Feverfruity, with pineapple juice
Jamaica GreenDrink with creme de menthe
Jamaica Innwith peach juice
Jamaican Ice Tea"Ice Tea" with rum
Jamaican Ten SpeedWith melon liqueur
Jamaika Fever #2Fruchtig, mit Mangosirup
James DeanMit Limette und Rohrzucker
Japanese Gin TonicWith Midori
Japanese Slipperwith melon liqueur
Japanese Slipper #2With melon liqueur
Jelly Beanwith sambuca and raspberry syrup
John CollinsCollins with bourbon whiskey
John Collins #2Gin drink
JojoDrink with yogurt
JournalistCocktail with Vermouth
Juice Julepwith mint and raspberry syrup
Juleprefreshing (with mint)
Jumping JackLong drink with grain
Jungle BirdRum drink
Jungle Juicewith banana liqueur
Jungle Lovefruity
JunglefruitFruity sparkling drink with pineapple
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