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VacacionesTropical drink with Kwai Feh
ValentinePassoĆ£ Drink
Vanilla Cream ShooterAmarula and vanilla vodka
Vanilla Dreamwith Licor 43, gin and mango nectar
Vanilla flipthe finest vanilla flavor ...
Vanilla MuleDrink with vodka vanilla
Vanilla SkyDrink with Licor 43
Vanilla Touchwith Licor 43 and Galliano
Vanitya slightly darker drink
VenezianoAperol + white wine
Verde & Tonic Drink with Havana Club Verde
Verona cocktailGin cocktail
VesperGin, vodka and vermouth
Via San GerannoCocktail with Old Overholt Rye (American Whiskey)
VictoryCocktail with Pernod
Virgin Cherry Coladanon-alcoholic
Virgin colada non-alcoholic Pina Colada
Virgin MaryAlcohol free Bloody Mary
Virgin MojitoAlcohol free mojito
Virgin Mojito SpecialNon-alcoholic mojito with rum syrup
Virgin Pina Coladanon-alcoholic Pina Colada
Virgin Rumba Northrefreshing, not so sweet
Virgin Sex on The BeachAlcohol fine variant
Virgin Strawberry coladanon-alcoholic Strawberry Colada
Virgin Strawberry Colada #2With passion fruit and mango juice
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiriwith frozen strawberries
Virgin Swimming PoolAlcohol free swimming pool
Virgin VampireFruity and creamy
Viva VillaCocktail with tequila
Vive La FranceShot with Marashino
Vodka Campari sparkling wine digestifCampari drink
Vodka Collins or also: Joe Collins
Vodka CoolerDrink with Ginger Ale
Vodka CranberryLong drink with cranberry juice
Vodka Gimlet The classic with vodka and lime juice
Vodka GimletClassic from vodka and lime juice
Vodka MartiniDry Cocktail
Vodka Red Bullsimple long drink
Vodka SlingDrink with cherry liqueur
Vodka SourSour with vodka
Vodka summerLong drink with Schweppes Californian Citrus Summer
Vodka SunriseSunrise with vodka
Vodka Tonic simple long drink
Vodka TropicWith banana liqueur
Vodka Wild BerryFruity sparkling long drink
Volga ClipperVodka drink
VomitVodka + herbal liqueur
VoodooCocktail with cherry liqueur

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