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After Eight #2with peppermint and chocolate syrup
After Eight #3Peppermint flavored shooter
After Eight #4Cocktail with peppermint liqueur
After Eight #5Peppermint
Air MailSparkling wine cocktail with honey
Alabama Fruit ShotFruity shooter
Alabama Slammerwith Amaretto and Southern Comfort
Alabama Slammer #2 With Cherry Brandy
Alabama Slammer #4With Southern Comfort
ALBRA #2Mit Minzsirup
Alexfruity, with currant nectar
AlexanderAromatic ...
Alexander the Secondwith creme de cacao and cream
Alexander's Sistercreamy drink with creme de cacao
Alicelight creamy drink
Alice Babylovecreamy, sweet
Alice DeluxeSweet
All Night LongDrink with fruit tea
Alligatorwith melon liqueur
Alligator PissFruity-sweet
Almo 43With yogurt
Almond milkwith almond syrup
Alpine coffeeHot drink with coffee
Amaretto AlexanderWith amaretto
Amaretto Applesimple long drink
Amaretto Cherrysimple long drink
Amaretto Sour Sour with amaretto ...
Amaretto Sour #2with amaretto
Amaretto StingerWith peppermint liqueur
Amaretto SunriseSunrise with amaretto
Amaro ColaLong drink with Amaro
Amaro SourWith herbal liqueur
Amarula ColadaColada with Amarula
Amarula PassionDrink with Amarula and vanilla syrup
Amarula Peachcreamy-sweet
AmbassadorLong drink with tequila
AmbraAverna cocktail with ginger ale
American Glory classic champagne cocktail
American Glory #2Easier variant
Americano Classic with Campari
AmérougeRefreshing-bitter, with Campari
Anabolicawith absinthe + vodka
AnabulikaDrink with Red Bull
Ananas MargaritaMargarita with pineapple
Andi's nightRum drink
Andrea #2fruity, with non-alcoholic Blue Curaçao
Anejo HighballRum highball with orange curaçao
Angel's DelightGin cocktail
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