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B 52 #3with Grand Marnier
B 52 #4With orange liqueur and Baileys
B-52 AbsintheWith absinthe
B.V.D.Bacardi, Vermouth, Dry Gin
BabalimaWith Batida De Coco
Baboa Cha ChaCreamy
Babouinfruity drink with cherry and marajuca juice
Baby BlueMilkshake with Blue Curaçao
Baby GuinnessWith Kahlúa and Baileys
Baby one more with thyme and lemonVermouth drink
Baby Pina ColadaAlcohol free pina colada
Baby Pina ColadaFruity, non-alcoholic
Baby Simply Redfruity
Babyfacefruity sweet drink with almond syrup
Bacardi Cocktailwith Bacardi Carta Blanco
Bacardi Cola #2Rum Cola
Bacardi Lemonadewith lemonade
Bacardi Orangesimple long drink
Bacardi Razz with Spritesimple long drink with Sprite
Bacardi SpecialRum-Cocktail
Bacardi SunriseDrink with rum
Bachelors BaitGin cocktail
Backyard Fig MargaritaMargarita with fig syrup
Bahama Baysimple but good!
Bahama Mamawith Malibu + Kahlua
Bahama Mama #2Recipe with Cherry Heering
Bahama Mama #3Recipe with guava syrup
Bahama Mama #4Recipe with Jamaica rum
Bahama Mama #5Recipe with coconut liqueur
Bahama Mama #6With Malibu
Bahama Mama (Scrubs original)Scrubs original
Bahia with rum and pineapple juice
Baileys Coffee DreamWith Baileys and coffee
Baileys Coladacreamy, sweet
Baileys Colada #2With coconut liqueur
Baileys Hot ChocolateWith Baileys
Baileys Tropicwith Baileys and Blue Curaçao
Balalaikawith orange liqueur
BalanceCocktail with rum, vodka triple sec
Balboa´s revengeCocktail with gin and amaretto
Ballerinasimple drink
BallsTart champagne cocktail
Balón 43With Licor 43
BalticDrink with Blue Curaçao
Bamboo Aperitif with Sherry Fino
Bambulanon-alcoholic caipirinha
BambuleAlcohol free drink with lime
Banana 43fruity-sweet
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