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Angelicwith Galliano and Southern C.
Angel`s FaceMedium cocktail
Angenbamfruity drink
Ann SheridanRum cocktail
Antiqua Creamsweet - creamy - yellow
Aperol GrapefruitFruity-tart
Aperol OrangeSparkling wine cocktail with Aperol
Aperol RoyalAperol and sparkling wine
Aperol SourSour with Aperol
Aperol SpritzProsecco with Aperol and soda
Aperol SpritzSee also Aperol Sprizz
Aperol Spritz #3With Aperol
AperolinoWith Aperol and Gin
Aphrodite's Kissfruity drink
Apotheke helps guaranteed!
Apple BlossomCocktail with apple schnapps
Apple blueberry smoothieSmoothie with apple and blueberries
Apple caipirinhaAlcohol free variant with apple
Apple Cider CocktailWith cider
Apple Cinnamon SmashWith apple-cinnamon-vanilla liqueur
Apple Cucumber MojitoMojito with gin
Apple Frazzlesparkling fruity
Apple MartiniCocktail with apple brandy
Apple Martini #5WITH Galliano and melon liqueur
Apple SeductionPassoa drink
Apple strudelShot with apple and cinnamon
Applejack FlipWith calvados
Applejack RabbitCalvados drink
AppletiniMartini with apple
Appletini #2Variant with melon liqueur
Apricot Apple Collinswith apricot brandy and calvados
Apricot FizzVery refreshing
Apricot Orangefruity
Apricot Sourwith apricot brandy
Apricote LoveFruity drink with peach liqueur
ArielleDrink with Blue CuraƧao
Armageddon... interesting combination
Armoniosorefreshing long drink with lychee liqueur
ARNOwith elderflower syrup
ArubacusaTart sweet
Asian CherryDrink with Siegfried Wonderleaf
Atomic bombStunning
Austrian Absolute 55Drink with Almdudler
Averna SilverCocktail with sage
Aviation with maraschino and gin
Aviation #2Aperitif with maraschino
Azzurro Baciosweet and sour, refreshingly sparkling


B 22WITH anise liqueur
B 52 extra-strong
B 52 #2Shooter with Grand Marnier
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